Walletmor at the prestigious Money20/20 conference in Amsterdam!

Walletmor at the prestigious Money20/20 conference in Amsterdam!

The biggest and the most prestigious fin-tech conference in the world, where the latest solutions and trends from the world of finance are presented and discussed. This time, one of the Money20/20 participants will be also Wojciech Paprota - founder and CEO of Walletmor. It will be very important and productive time for Walletmor, not only because of Wojciech Paprota's speech but also to establish and strengthen business contacts at the highest level.

This year's European edition will take place in Amsterdam. It's 3 intensive days filled with lectures, presentations, panels and private meetings with the most important people in the fintech industry. At this year's Money20/20 European conference, Walletmor received an invitation to introduce participants to payment implants. The organizers recognized Walletmor's payment implant as a great “solution to the problems of the future” that we may not even be aware of today. Participation in the conference is a unique distinction, as this event in the FinTech world can be compared, for example, to the International Motor Show in Geneva or the Economic Forum in Davos.

Attendees at the Money20/20 conference will be executives from major financial companies who want to stay up to date with all the solutions in their industry. For an industry as competitive and innovative as FinTech, in practice this means representatives from every leading European market company and the biggest global players. It's an added distinction also because to the presence of other speakers. As every year, the Money20/20 European conference will feature CEOs and executives from the largest banks such as ING, JP Morgan, Societe Generale, Santander Group, Deutsche Bank, and BNP Paribas. There will also be board representatives from companies such as Mastercard, American Express, Union Pay, Paypal, Western Union, McKinsey, Banked,, Wise, Tink, N26, Plaid, EY, Curve or Ripple. The seriousness of the event can also be proved by the presence of ministers from several European countries. The total value of all companies whose representatives will speak at the event is several trillion dollars.

One aim of participation in Money20/20 conference is to present how the future of contactless payments will look like and how important role in their development will be played by Walletmor. During Wojciech Paprota's speech, you will hear about the competitive advantage of smart implants, the benefits of using the company's solutions, as well as their market potential. “I'm going to describe in detail the technology we've been working on at Walletmor, together with Vivokey, over the last several months and how we can integrate it with payment solutions already available on the markets” says Paprota.

Money 20/20 conference is also an opportunity to have many business meetings with people, with whom until now it was only possible to talk on the phone or by email.