Our payment implants use the same short-range near-field communication or NFC technology used by contactless payment cards. This means our implant has no battery and no power source of its own, nor does it transmit radio waves that could be intercepted.The NFC technology used in the implant initiates the transaction only when it is approached by a very short distance payment terminal. Close contact with the device ensures security and eliminates the risk of unwanted readers reading the data. Without putting your hand to an authorized payment terminal, it is impossible to collect any money.


Another important aspect of the security context is additional authorization, made possible by a standard security system called 3-D secure, which provides connection encryption. Passive communication mode defines ISO 18092 standard – the basic standard of data transmission protocols. Additionally, the implant does not violate the basic privacy principles and does not track your location because it does not have GPS and no systems that allow you to spy on or track your location.


The fundamental problem of a traditional payment card is the fact that it contains easy-to-capture information such as card number, expiration date, and CVV code – the card can be photographed or the details can be easily written down and used for the online payments. In the case of an implant, the risk of intercepting the data in such a way doesn’t feature any physical data.


Moreover, when using a standard payment card, you are exposed to losses such as getting it lost or stolen. If such a misfortune happens, you are endangered by losing all of your savings because of multiple transactions for under, for example, 20 euro, performed without further authorization. With Walletmor implant, this risk of losses is reduced to zero.