We ship the Walletmor implant in a sterilization pouch that is sealed inside a polymer pouch with chlorhexidine gluconate solution, which is used in surgical procedures as an antiseptic and germicide dermal treatment. The highest degree of clinical cleanliness is ensured so your professional installer can carry out the safe implantation of the Walletmor implant.


Walletmor implants are completely safe for your health and friendly to the body. They have been subjected to numerous, rigorous tests and proved their highest safety standards, which allows us to open a new chapter in the era of contactless transaction.


Your health is in no way endangered. The implant encapsulant biopolymer material has been tested to be biocompatible and hypoallergenic. Additionally, the implant can be easily removed at any time by any general practice doctor during a simple office visit.


Inserting an implant takes as short as 15 minutes, and the procedure itself is minimally invasive and painless – it requires a minimal incision with the use of local anesthesia. The implant is placed just under the skin and is not perceptible during day-to-day activities. It works immediately after implantation and the average healing time is 4 weeks, after which you can do all the day-to-day activities. An additional advantage is that the procedure can be performed not only by a surgeon, a professional licensed body modification specialist, but also by a piercer. As we value your time and safety, we have prepared a list of recommended professionals, which you can find on our website.


The location that your Walletmor implant should be installed in your body is something you and your installation professional should discuss and decide together. However, taking into account the convenience of use and random events that may cause its destruction, the recommended areas are either the outer side of the hand, just to the outside of the little finger metacarpal bone, or the forearm just above the wrist. Once healed, the implant’s location is fixed and does not move inside your body. In cooperation with a specialist, you will analyze the type of work performed, your physical activity and exposed places to find the best location for your implant.


You don’t need to worry about being stopped at the airport or when crossing through security gates because Walletmor implants don’t trigger an alarm. They don’t support any outer technology and data transmission, which excludes the risk of spying or tracking your activity. The lack of a GPS transmitter and other location systems prevents the Walletmor implant from obtaining, monitoring, and storing any information about your location or any other activities.