Frequently Asked Question

Health issues:

- The Walletmor implant is a passive NFC transponder consisting of a silicon chip on which payment data is stored, and an antenna. These components are placed in a hermetically sealed encapsulation made of the highest quality biocompatible materials.

- No. Walletmor implants use NFC (Near Field Communication) technology, which means they do not have their own energy source. The NFC reader device (like a payment terminal) creates a small magnetic field that the NFC implant inducts power from and communicates with when it is brought close enough to do so.

- No. Walletmor does not emit any radio waves or radiation. The contactless payment terminal creates a small magnetic field and the Walletmor implant communicates over this magnetic field by modulating only this small field during a payment transaction.. Its only function is to store a small amount of payment data that is communicated to an authorized payment terminal during a transaction.

No. Walletmor implants are encapsulated in the highest quality biocompatible materials from the United States which are USP Class VI certified, with a long history of use in permanent medical implant devices. The implant is shipped in a sealed pouch filled with chlorhexidine gluconate – a standard antiseptic solution used in hospitals for surgical procedures. The implant is considered “clinically clean” when opened and removed from the pouch at the time of installation.

Walletmor implant is minimally invasive. It does not require anesthesia, however we recommend the professional performing the injection to use topical anesthetic ointment, or if legally allowed to do so, local anesthesia to minimize pain. A special piercing needle is used to create an incision and space under the skin for the implant to rest. After the procedure, the professional performing the installation may optionally place one or two sutures (stitches)to close the wound, or a butterfly bandage would also be acceptable. A larger bandage is then placed over the incision site. The whole procedure takes about 15 minutes.

- The implant procedure may be performed by a doctor or professional body modifier. We recommend that the person performing the procedure, regardless of the profession, get acquainted with the professional installation guide prepared by us.

We recommend that Walletmor implant be implanted just on the outside of the hand after the small finger metacarpal bone, or in the forearm slightly above the wrist. Remember to not choose a location where you normally wear a watch or jewelry.

It is important to not push around or press on or otherwise play with your Walletmor implant for at least two weeks after installation. This gives the healing process a chance to encapsulate the implant with collagen so it stays in place under your skin. If allowed to heal properly, Walletmor implants will not migrate under the skin.

A properly installed and well healed Walletmor implant can withstand forces over 500 newtons. It is resistant to all kinds of impacts that can occur to us during everyday activities, sports, martial arts training, etc.

In order to remove the implant from the body, it is necessary to perform a simple removal procedure. A small incision is made and the implant is removed through this incision. Sutures are used to close the wound and a bandage is applied. It is simple and safe.

The organization of the implant procedure is on the user's side, however, we recommend that the implant procedure be performed by one of our trusted specialists which you can find here. If due to their convenient location, you do not have the opportunity to make an appointment for the procedure in one of these places, we can recommend to you to visit a professional body modifier or surgeon. We strongly advise using a piercing salon for the purpose of implantation.

- Learn more about the health impact of implants here.

Data security:

No. Walletmor implants do not have any function but the ability to make contactless payments with an authorized payment terminal.

The Walletmor implant stores standard credit card data which is linked to your bank account from which funds are debited at the time of contactless payment.

No. Data encoded on Walletmor cannot be copied to other media.

The Walletmor implant uses the ISO14443A communication protocol, so only devices in compliance with the ISO14443 RF standard (like payment terminals) can read it.

Walletmor transactions are validated using the same EMV security standard that traditional contactless payment cards, tokens, and keyfobs use.

Yes. As with the use of standard payment cards, if you are making transactions for up to the standard limit in your country. If the quota exceeds this amount, you will need to authorize the transaction with your PIN code.

Walletmor implant cannot be forgotten, lost, or stolen. This means that, unlike a standard payment card, it cannot end up in the wrong hands. Walletmor does not have a CVV number or code which a thief could use to commit fraudulent transactions online.

- Learn more about the security of Walletmor implant data here.


We are still developing our digital infrastructure which will enable you to open accounts and to store funds directly on our platform. At the moment, Walletmor Ltd does not have the financial institution status and does not provide any financial services.
Therefore, Walletmor payment implants are linkable with iCard personal accounts, where you store your disposable funds.
Disclaimer: iCard is an independent, third-party, Financial Institution registered in the European Union. Walletmor is not associated with iCard and does not act on behalf of iCard.

No. The only account that can be linked with the Walletmor implant is the iCard personal account.

You can top up the implant by topping your personal iCard account that is linked with it. You can do it through the app, using an external credit or debit card.

Transactions are processed according to the standard payment scheme’s procedures, which includes the involvement of the payment scheme, acquirer, and processor.

You can pay with the implant everywhere where the contactless payments are accepted.

No. Using the implant is free of charge.

No. You are charged only the amount paid to the merchant.

To be able to use Walletmor payment implant, you need to be a permanent resident of one of the following countries:
Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Liechtenstein, Latvia, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland.

The available currencies at the moment are: EUR, USD, GBP, CHF, HRK, BGN and RON.

Yes. You can do it via the iCard app.

Yes. Walletmor implants expire after 8 years from purchasing. The current generation expires in 05/29

You can learn more about managing your account on the Help page on the iCard website.