Walletmor implant is valid for eight years!

Walletmor implant is valid for eight years!

The management of London-based Walletmor Ltd is delighted to announce the introduction of the new generation implants, which will be valid for eight years at the same price of 199 euros. What is more, the 2-year valid implants will be available at 99 euros.

All new implants of the "new version", starting from June 17, 2021, will have an 8-year validity period. It is a tremendous benefit for our users as the next installation can be put off in time for the next 3 years. The new expiry date does not apply to implants already in use. All implants delivered so far have the validity given on the day of their sale.

At the same time, the Management Board of Walletmor Ltd. decided to introduce another special offer to meet our customers' expectations. Since today, it is possible to purchase the "old specification" Walletmor implant only at 99 euros.

These implants, valid until the end of July 2023, will go on sale on June 17, 2021, at a promotional price of EUR 99 per piece. The sale will be one until the stock gets sold out.

The new version of the implants will only differ from the current version by an extended validity period. All other security and functionality features remain the same.