World’s first entirely safe implant, which you can use for contactless payments at any time, everywhere. Forget about the cash, card, and SmartPay solutions. Since now you can pay directly with your hand. Get your Walletmor payment implant now and make a step into the future.

What you should do after the purchase

Step One

Download a Purewrist app

Purewrist is an independent digital wallet, where you store your funds. By registering at Purewrist, you agree to its terms of use.

Step Two

Activate your device and top it up in the Purewrist app

Open an app and click on Activate/Register. Type your activation code and provide Purewrist with your data for verification purposes. Following successful verification, top-up the account.

Step Three

Arrange the installation with a specialist

You can get your implant installed in the medical aesthetics clinic, so set up an appointment with your local specialist.

Activate your device and top it up in the Purewrist app

Arrange the installation with a specialist


Sterile, solid, biocompatible and hypoallergenic materials provide the highest safety standards for your body and health.


World's most advanced technologies prevent you from being tracked or spied.

How It Works

Legitimate Financial Institution protects your funds and provides encryption of every transaction you make.