When you read about Walletmor payment implants, you are probably wondering “how does it really work”. If so, you certainly got in the right place. First of all, the most important for you to know is the fact that Walletmor payment implants are linkable with Purewrist accounts, so you need to register in Purewrist to use the Walletmor payment implant.

How it works

Step One

Download a Purewrist app

Purewrist is an independent digital wallet, where you store your funds. By registering at Purewrist, you agree to its terms of use.

Step Two

Activate your device and top it up in the Purewrist app

Open an app and click on Activate/Register. Type your activation code and provide Purewrist with your data for verification purposes. Following successful verification, top-up the account

Step Three

Arrange the installation with a specialist

You can get your implant installed in the medical aesthetics clinic, so set up an appointment with your local specialist

Learn more about Purewrist

Purewrist Contactless payment accounts are issued by Sutton Bank which is a member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), an American government agency providing deposit insurance to depositors in American commercial banks and savings banks. Purewrist needs to follow strict regulations regarding risk management and security measures, and therefore every transaction made with the Walletmor implant is as secure as the one made with a standard bank card.

Once you link your Walletmor payment implant to your Purewrist wallet, it can be used to make payment using the funds in your account. You can use a standard bank transfer or external debit or credit card to top up your Purewrist account. Walletmor payment implants are seen as standard payment wearables and all the transactions are processed according to standard contactless payment procedure which involves a payment scheme, acquirer, and payment processor. It makes Walletmor payment implants acceptable worldwide, by every terminal processing contactless payments.

Please note that to use Walletmor payment implant with Purewrist, you need to be a citizen or a permanent resident of the United States of America.

Disclaimer: Purewrist is an independent, third-party, Financial Institution registered in the United States of America. Walletmor is not associated with Purewrist and does not act on behalf of Purewrist.