Step By Step Instruction

What happens after you make a purchase?

  1. Read the welcome email
    After placing an order on our website, you will receive a confirmation email with a warm welcome to the Walletmor community. You will find a number of useful information and a very important PDF document.

  2. Read the PDF document
    It is essential for you to read the document that is attached to the welcome email. It is a crucial part of the service, where you can find all the information on how to obtain the payment implant and where all the doubts should be explained.

  3. Join Facebook group
    Don’t forget to join Walletmor Ambassadors group at Facebook, where all Walletmor customers share their experiences about payment implants.

  4. Set up a personal iCard account
    Due to the fact that we are still developing our digital infrastructure, you will be asked to open an iCard account to store your funds, which you can spend using your implant. iCard is a third party, independent financial institution and it is not associated with Walletmor. Moreover, Walletmor does not act on behalf of iCard.

  5. Link Walletmor implant to your iCard account
    You will be provided with an 11-digit activation code that you can use to link your Walletmor implant with your iCard account. It is very intuitive and it takes as short as 2-3 minutes.

  6. Top up your iCard account
    Once you have your Walletmor implant linked with your iCard account, you can top it up using an external debit or credit card, or use a standard money transfer. Walletmor implant works like a pre-paid device that needs to be topped up with a certain money that you wish to spend.

  7. Make sure the implant works
    To avoid the unlikely scenario, in which your implant is not working, please make sure that it is capable of processing contactless transactions before you get it installed inside your body. Just visit a local cafe or grocery store and pay for the order with your implant while still sealed inside the polymer bag it was provided in.

  8. Arrange the installation with the recommended professional
    After making sure it works, you are free to arrange a visit in one of our expert’s places to get your implant installed. Under no circumstances you should open the hermetically closed bag with an implant before the installation procedure. Please leave it to the professional performing the installation.

  9. Get your implant installed
    Let the professional do his/her job. The installation process takes as short as 15 minutes. Trust us! It is worth it. The procedure is minimally invasive and, when done by a professional, does not cause any infection, disease etc.

  10. Enjoy paying with your hand
    You made it through the whole process and you can start paying with your hand! Don’t forget to record your first purchase and share it with us at Walletmor Ambassadors Facebook group.