Walletmor Payment Implant - Walletmor
Walletmor Payment Implant - Walletmor


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World’s first entirely safe implant, which you can use for contactless payments at any time, everywhere. Forget about the cash, card, and SmartPay solutions. Since now you can pay directly with your hand. Get your Walletmor payment implant now and make a step into the future.

What you should do after the purchase

Step One

Download an iCard app and set up your account

iCard is your EU-based digital wallet which is linkable with the Walletmor implant.

Step Two

Activate and top up your implant in the iCard app

Link your implant with your iCard account by typing its activation code. Then, add money to your account.

Step Three

Arrange the installation with a specialist

You can get your implant installed in the medical aesthetics clinic, so set up an appointment with your local specialist.



  • It is the safest payment instrument currently available on earth

    - there is no risk of losing, or getting the implant stolen

  • It is ultimately convenient

    - since you have an implant inside your hand, you will never forget about money

  • It is globally accepted

    - you can pay with it everywhere on the planet

  • It is entirely bio-safe

    - implant’s biopolymer’s materials are confirmed to be biocompatible by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration)

  • It is impossible to hack

    - NFC Communication Standard used for contactless payments prevents the implant from being hacked or copied.

  • It does not support outer technologies

    - it is not possible to spy, track, monitor, or gather any information about the implant’s user

  • It does not affect your medical treatment

    - you don’t need to worry about the magnetic resonance, tomography, MRI, or EKG treatment. Having an implant is not an issue.

Do you want to learn more about how to use the Walletmor implant? Visit “How it works”

Walletmor has ambassadors all across World who enjoy paying with their hands thanks to our implants. Below you can find their real testimonials.